Chronic Permanent Housing

Who is this program for?

The Chronic Supportive Housing program assists persons that meet HUD’s definition of chronic homelessness. The Chronic Supportive Housing program was specifically created for chronically homeless singles but can serve families when funding is available.

Once enrolled in the program, each person will receive weekly home visits for case management. The program also includes a housing subsidy, so a person would only pay 15 percent of their income for rent, and there is no time limit for how long they can stay on the program.

Summary of chronic homelessness includes:

A person that has a disability and:

  • Is living in a place not meant for human habitation- such as a car, shed, under a bridge, a tent outdoors, etc. for 12 months consecutively OR
  • Has at least four separate occasions of homelessness in the last three years.

View more information on what qualifies as being chronically homeless (PDF).

How do I apply for this program?

To apply for this program, you must initiate the process by calling 211.

How long does the approval process take?

It depends: each person gets selected from the St. Louis County Coordinated Entry list (211) when there’s an opening for one of RTH’s programs and they meet the definition of chronically homeless.