Welcome to Range Transitional Housing (RTH).

A 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization

Range Transitional Housing, Inc. (RTH) provides transitional and permanent supportive housing to homeless households in northern St. Louis County, MN. The households RTH serves, who may or may not have children, need time and supportive services to help them stabilize their lives and work on self sufficiency. RTH assists these households with securing and maintaining permanent affordable housing by assigning a case manager to provide supportive services and housing subsidies when available.

RTH currently operates 3 housing projects including Chronic Permanent Housing,Transitional Housing, and Permanent Housing. The descriptions of these projects can be found by following the links on the right side of your screen.

RTH also provides other vital services to low income individuals and families if they do not need or are not eligible for housing services available through RTH. These services (or project components as described in the project link on the right side of the screen) include referral assistance, outreach, motel vouchers, furniture assistance, or other case management services. RTH attempts to assist all households referred the best we can in one way or another.